View Full Version : OMG, Charlie!

2.6.11, 12:53 AM
Is this moron for real? I can't believe how much he holds up for Echo knowing how much distress it's causing Viki, his wife. :rolleyes: Jeepers! I think Viki should throw him out as well. Let he and Echo move to some halfway house and trot off to an AA meeting and into the sunset. :palmtreez:

2.6.11, 12:38 PM
Oh, I know! I can't pull for this guy anymore. I was so happy when Viki threw Echo out. His spiel about Viki's house being his house really gets to me. Most men would be too proud to move in with a woman and claim her family money as his own. At the very least he should respect Viki's feelings on the Echo thing. But remember this happened with Rex/Stacy/Gigi too. Once again we watch a character turn stupid and side with the villain to create a storyline. They'll probably break up for awhile until he sees what Echo is about and then Viki will take him back. At this point I'm hoping she just dumps him. At least one character will remain strong in all this.

2.6.11, 12:49 PM
:flamingo: I have never cared for Charlie. He's a :clown2: that Charlie Brown! It's like he has no clue about what he's saying. Viki needs a Alpha Male. Charlie is like a little 6 ounce Yorkie riding around in a purse. He brings nothing to this table. He may side with Echo and he may move out, but when he finds out he's not Rex's dad, what's he gonna do then? If I was Viki, after his last antics, I wouldn't take him back. He started drinking, he wouldn't share his feelings about the death of his son, he allowed himself to be used by Dorian, and he shot her daughter. Dump this guy. Or maybe Viki isn't the kind to dump him so he'll have to die.

Other than that, I don't have any strong feelings!

2.6.11, 12:57 PM
Charlie is like a little 6 ounce Yorkie riding around in a purse.
OMG! I about spit my coffee over this one. Too funny!!! :toothyz::toothyz::toothyz:

2.7.11, 9:01 AM
You guys ( as always) are spot on about Charlie. What a wishy-washy, lukewarm, wet noodle. I kind of liked him at first... but not at all now.

I actually liked Viki best with..OMG.. I'm having brain fade... the younger guy who called her "Blondie".. he was her heart donor.. OMG ... my memory is going... :upsideq:

2.7.11, 11:43 AM
Ben Davidson...LOL! My memory came back for a few fleeting seconds so I could answer this for you. :p

2.7.11, 2:14 PM
Oh.. thanks. It may have taken days for me to remember that name.