View Full Version : Best line of the day

2.4.11, 10:10 PM
Nora wisecracks to Clint about showing up at their wedding with a shotgun, and Bo says, "How about today, Clint? You packing?" :toothyz:

2.5.11, 8:15 PM
That was a great line !

Do the rest of you feel like the actor who plays c-hole.. is a crappy actor ?
Or do I just hate c-hole so much I hate the actor , too ?

2.6.11, 1:49 AM
I think it's the actor that I can't warm up to more than the character. Even before he became "Clint-Hole", I didn't like him.

2.6.11, 1:26 PM
Oh, I couldn't agree more. He's not a good actor. I think that's what makes him so different than Asa. Phil Carey had a knack for getting us to love him in spite of the bad stuff he did. This guy - not even close. That's why this SL with him refusing to acknowledge his son is just not working. He can't pull off the complexities of the emotions, so to us he just comes off as a souless creep.

I didn't mind him back when he was still a nice guy, but he does not do villain well.

2.6.11, 1:54 PM
:flamingo: I never cared for Clint Richie (bless his soul). He drove me away from OLTL at one point because all he did was stomp around and bellow. This guy, IMHO, is better that his predecessor, but that's not saying much! I really do think, though, that the way he's being written is a lot like Asa was 20 years ago.

So, since I don't care for this actor, I'm enjoying watching him try to be like Asa. He's being mean and nasty. I still wish they would have left him with Kim because the two of them would have been a lot of fun. Maybe when David gets back he'll appease Uncle :cowboy: with Kim's location information. :p

2.7.11, 9:56 AM
I wish they would re-cast C-hole with Hunt Block. He was such a lovable skally-wag on ATWT. He could me smarmy, down in the dirt evil... yet there was just something about him.. Kind of Phil Carey like.