View Full Version : The Creepy Baby John Doll

2.1.11, 6:11 PM
:yikes: Yikers! Wasn't the doll Marty was holding creepy? I was surprised Hope played with it. I had a clown doll when I was young and was terrified of the thing. To this day, I loathe clowns. :clown2: Eeeek!

2.2.11, 12:36 PM
:flamingo: The good sisters had to have given her the doll. :p I find it interesting that she just popped out of this breakdown :freako: like nothing ever happened.

Edited to add: :clown2: = :yikes: Totally agree about clowns. And I don't know why. When I was about 5 my mom remarried a guy who had run away and joined the circus. He spent a winter with Ringling Bros, Barnum & Bailey in Sarasota FL. When they came to town, he took me and I met Emmett Kelly. I even have a Christmas Post Card he sent to me from Cuba. I don't know why I don't like clowns, I just find them totally creepy.