View Full Version : Love Seeing C-Hole Squirm

2.1.11, 2:35 PM
I'm enjoying seeing Clint-Hole :cowboy: squirm. I think he has met his match in Aubrey as she's one tough cookie to break. No matter what he does to her, other than kill her, she has so much to hold over his head. I'm just ready to see all of this unravel on ole C-Hole!!!

Also, now that Marty has her memory back... look out, Natalie! She's still a whack job, so this is going to be interesting.

2.2.11, 12:34 PM
:flamingo: What I'm enjoying about this storyline is all of the different stories it encompasses and how they're all closing in from different directions! :cowboy: is going to be so busy concocting stories to appease each that he'll probably catch himself up!

2.2.11, 2:20 PM
I'm doing air high fives.. hoping C-hole's lies catch up in a big way.
I think Rama may stir the pot a bit, too. hehe !

Altho, Aubrey is a real skank.. she is not afraid of C-hole. I don't think
she or Cutter would have any problem doing away with him to save themselves and their scam.

2.3.11, 11:08 PM
I agree, I like all the different angles to all this too. And as much as I want to see :cowboy: get his, I'm also hoping he busts Aubrey because I don't like her much. I really like Vimal, and his wife's involvement has added an interesting angle. But they could've gotten a better actress. Her accent is the worst. :lookaway: