View Full Version : Kelli does have a child, right?

1.27.11, 10:25 PM
I keep forgetting because she never mentions him. She acts like she's 21 now and the kid doesn't even exist. Remember when Heather Tom played her and how badly she wanted a child with Kevin? She was a totally different character then. I know this actress was the original Kelli, but that was moons ago when she actually was 21. I guess we're supposed to forget that Kelly was once a middle-aged mother. :rolleyes:

1.27.11, 10:33 PM
Yup! And shouldn't Zane only be in grade school? It wasn't that long ago. I don't care if he is in boarding school, a kid still needs his mother. Her moving to the states and leaving him there with his Grandpa, doesn't make sense.

I'll never forget when Heather Tom's, Kelli had to give Ace back. It was heart breaking.

1.27.11, 10:44 PM
Wow, I forgot about Ace! Another kid named after Asa. What was the story with that? He was kidnapped and she had to return him to his mother? Wait, it's coming back to me... was it Babe's kid from All My Children?

Heather Tom was a great actress. I was so disgusted that they ruined her character by making her sleep with Duke in a church during a tornado. We can thank Dena Higley for that masterpiece.

1.28.11, 12:41 PM
Ah yes, the dreaded Dena Higley... ugh! Yes, Ace is Babe's kid. Didn't Kelly buy him from Babe? It's been so long ago.

1.28.11, 1:26 PM
:flamingo: Thanks for bringing up Ace. When we were talking about what the girls named their babies, I kept thinking there already was an Asa. Now my memory has been jogged.

There is a total difference between the two Kelli's. I really have to say I prefer this one because I've never cared that much for Heather Tom. I watched her on Y&R since she first started. So, as far as Zane, I'm glad he's not around. They'll probably SORAS him and he'll show up for the summer teen storylines. Which reminds me ... check the next post!