View Full Version : Joey... or Eyeore ?

1.27.11, 6:45 PM
Did you get a load of sad-sack today ? Poor me.. Woe is me...
Is there a donkey smiley on here for Eyeore ?

Any guesses as to how Clint-hole :cowboy: will handle Aubrey ?

1.27.11, 8:48 PM
He is quite the downer, isn't he? And I have to say, Aubrey must be pretty um... energetic. She gets out of Cutter's bed and goes straight to Joey.

1.27.11, 9:30 PM
LOL! About Aubrey! I was going to refer to her as the "Energizer Bunny"... she keeps going and going and going and going...sheesh!

And, I love the Eyeore reference to Joey. Once again, you gals hit the nail on the head.

1.28.11, 12:22 PM
:flamingo: Joey didn't even dwell on :cowboy: *disowning* him. Though I don't think he's disowned until he actually marries her without signing the prenup. The closest I can come to a sad sack smilie is :dunse:, Joey the Dunce. Aubrey's a little :devilish:.