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1.25.11, 1:13 PM
Did you notice the "groom" in the picture was Roger Howarth ?

First we get a glimpse of Nathen Fillan (real Joey) then Roger ( real Todd).

Gotta say.. new bobble-head Joey is no Nathan. What a disappointment.:jesterbob:

1.25.11, 2:26 PM
I noticed Roger and was impressed that the writers actually thought back to that time and realized Todd had a "different face" back them. :p

I'm not sure how this Tomas guy is going to play into the picture, but I hear he's Blair's new man. I hope he's a good guy and not some creep.

1.25.11, 10:08 PM
:flamingo: But didn't you get an eerie feeling that our *Todd*, isn't Todd? The photo used for the painting was from Todd's scrapbook. I wonder if they're going to explore that *Todd* may not be Todd! I'm sure there's lots of speculation because Roger Howarth is no longer on ATWT. Well, no one's any longer on ATWT! Between Blair's conversation with Ted King and Todd & Tea's conversation, it sure looks like that's the direction they're headed.:lookaway:

1.25.11, 10:24 PM
I was wondering the same thing! Why else would they be showing pics of Roger all of a sudden and talking about the old Todd? And the eerie music that played - like something weird is going to happen. I read years ago that he said he'd NEVER return to OLTL. Never say never! Always loved Roger. This could be interesting.

Editing this post to clarify that I'm not necessarily hoping for a faux Todd SL. Didn't they do this on DOOL to John and they implanted a memory chip to give him memories? (Or was it Hope or Marlena?) Good lord, I hope OLTL does not go there! But I do love Roger and wouldn't mind seeing him back in some capacity... as long as it's not too sci-fi.

1.26.11, 1:05 PM
OMG, no!!! Please no DOOL type storylines here. The chip implants, flying beds and floating Marlena's... LOL!

I wouldn't doubt that they are going to do something with this though. It's strange that they keep showing Roger's picture...and somehow, I think Tomas is connected to it.

1.27.11, 12:23 PM
:flamingo:Y'all know Tomas (Ted King) played both Lorenzo and Luis Alcazar. I've always liked him! :blush2ey: