View Full Version : Has anyone noticed that the flow of

10.15.07, 9:38 PM
Passions seems to have a continuity problem. Like Sam questioning Kay and then they go to a commercial and it was like he was on a different track. Also the same with Gwen and Ethan's conversation about telling Fancy about Marty being alive. It is like a tape that has dead spots. It has happen a couple of times since they went to DTV. It is weird. Of course this is Passions and it is like a savant is writing it.:confused:

10.20.07, 7:54 AM
Gwen and Ethan had a conversation of telling Fancy bout Marty? I bet ethan wants to tell but gwen does not.

11.1.07, 1:05 AM
Gwens only motivation for telling Ethan was that knowing Marty was alive was bringing Sher and Luis together (complete and total lie) hoping to plant the seed to get him back.