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1.19.11, 11:22 AM
:flamingo:Both GH & OLTL are showing old ones. Works for me because I had my hair done yesterday and didn't get to see either! I'll catch up today.

If this is a cost saving measure, I can live with it. :toothyz:

1.19.11, 1:06 PM
I'm wondering about the cost thing too. During the holidays, they showed 3 new shows and then 2 repeats for 2 weeks in a row. If this is what they have to do to keep it going, I'm all for it. It's better than letting good veteran actors go to save $$.

1.19.11, 9:59 PM
It's fine with me. I had other stuff to catch up on anyway. But wow, that show they ran today was an oldie. I loved seeing Dan Gauthier and Heather Tom again! Anyone know who that guy was that Rex was talking to at the bar? He was familiar but I couldn't remember the character. I only watched the first few minutes though.

1.20.11, 10:06 AM
I remember him, too.. but can't put him in a story line.
I wish Dan would come back.. always liked him.

1.21.11, 1:10 PM
:flamingo: Did he work with Nora? Boy, I can remember his face but that's about all!:confused:

1.21.11, 1:18 PM
Was it Hugh Hughes? Nora's asst. DA and the biological son of Spencer Truman and Paige Miller. I didn't see the episode on Wed, but asked my friend who watched it and she said it was him. And now that Pink Flamingo mentioned Nora too, was it him? He also dated Marcie a bit.

1.21.11, 7:37 PM
Yes, that's it! Man, you guys have great memories. :)

1.21.11, 7:41 PM
Yes, that's it! Man, you guys have great memories. :)
And I did this without seeing the show... Man, I'm good... :sing::sing::sing:. Just kidding!

My friend kept saying, "it's that guy named, Harold". Harold??? Finally, I remembered his name was Hugh Hughes. I thought he was kind of nerdy cute, so that's probably why it stuck in my head. :blush2ey: Not that I go for nerds, but he was kind of cute.

1.21.11, 7:45 PM
Harold Harold, hee hee. Now that you mention this, a strange memory is coming back to me. Something about him throwing up on someone's shoes?

The things I remember :rolleyes:

1.22.11, 1:22 PM
:flamingo: Yes! That's him! Sheesh! I'd forgotten all about that s/l, but couldn't forget that face! :p