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1.18.11, 10:19 PM
if the actress playing Marty is leaving the show for awhile? (Name escapes me at the moment, what else is new? :lookaway:) I'm just wondering how they can continue this SL with her in St. Anne's. The only person I could see going to visit her is Jessica.

1.19.11, 10:04 AM
I haven't seen anything about her ( Sandra Haskell) leaving.. but I wouldn't mind. I have not liked Marty's character at all since she returned. And.. I'm very weary of her teeth-baring looks.
They will have John, Jessica and I wouldn't be surprised to see Natalie visit her at St Anne's. Since nearly everyone who goes there manages to escape.. we can expect that, too.

1.19.11, 12:08 PM
And.. I'm very weary of her teeth-baring looks.

:D Yes, the teeth... LOL! They are quite frightening! :p

1.21.11, 12:13 PM
:flamingo: Susan Haskell's website says nothing about her leaving the show. I'm betting she's going to terrorize Natalie for awhile. In a psychological kind of way.:rolleyes:

1.21.11, 12:19 PM
Maybe she's going to join Destiny and the rest of the Evans clan on vacation. :p

1.22.11, 12:21 PM
will be on Monday. I saw it on the previews!


1.22.11, 12:25 PM
that I cannot get out.

:D <--Forever to be known as Marty Saybrooke


1.22.11, 4:26 PM
Perfect !:D
Before long we won't even need names for the characters :blush2ey: