View Full Version : A-Ha ! Inez is going to fess up..

1.17.11, 7:28 PM
I see a chink in :cowboy: c-hole's world ... coming soon ! Can't wait :sigh:

1.17.11, 10:15 PM
I'm surprised it came out this quickly. I thought it would drag on forever.

1.18.11, 11:07 AM
:flamingo: Oh lord, let it come out quickly and clearly. Let's move on with this thing.

I was reading the program descriptions for OLTL this week on the Dish Network on-screen TV Guide and it's looking good for Bo!

1.18.11, 11:43 AM
I read that Inez gets arrested, if she didn't kill Eddie, then I wonder if it's for drugging the Commish! At any rate, they need to lock her up and throw away the key. :p

1.18.11, 6:41 PM
I think drugging the commish would get you in a boatload of trouble. I'm glad she sang ike a bird today :sing:
I see more chinks in c-hole's armor... I can't wait for him to be caterwauling
like a baby.

1.19.11, 10:24 AM
I'll let you know if it works.:rolleyes:

1.19.11, 10:27 AM
:flamingo:On the right hand side of the screen in a header area is a selection for DISPLAY MODES. If you click on the dropdown and select THREADED MODE, You get each discussion in our familiar threaded style. Also, (and important to me) you can change the title like we used to do so you can read the subject and each thread title and get a sense of the whole thread! :cool: