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10.15.07, 4:02 PM
Man, after all of the crying I did today, I should have no tears left, but this is yet again a sad and disappointing week on Days. Saying goodbye to John even if it's for a little while is horrible.
I have to say that Martha and Deidre should get an award for best tearful/emotional/ scenes. Martha channels Deidre in this aspect to a T.

Still, a sad week for me.

10.15.07, 11:40 PM
I agreee. It's a very sad week indeed. I can't believe that the people in charge at Days of Our Lives think this is the right move to make.

Their ratings are worse than ever. Making Sami and EJ the focal point and bringing back the Dimeras, including Anna, as well as Patch and Kayla, and then bringing in a bunch of pretty young faces has landed them at the bottom of the heap, so they get rid of Drake? HUH!!

Makes no sense at all! What they need to do is put J&M/ Drake and Dee and Bo and Hope/Peter and Kristian front and center again, all of them involved with the Dimera's.

This show has been driving itself into the ground for years and this is just the final nail in their own coffin. They think they're killing John, but they're actually killing what's left of this dismal show.

Goodbye Days of Our Lives
Without Drake it's not worth watching anymore!


10.16.07, 2:23 PM
They are not killing him for real are they??? I bet not. I HOPE not.

10.18.07, 2:32 PM
I thought he wanted to leave because the stories were getting so thin.

10.28.07, 9:38 PM
I stayed around the week after he died wanting to see if they threw out hints John's not really dead. Looks like they really killed John so Im outta here.

10.28.07, 10:27 PM
It's not too bright of them to kill off a major character like John. A character that is part of the heart and soul of a soap opera. I mean, if it were a newer character I could understand it. But to up and fire a vet like that is stupid.

10.29.07, 3:59 AM
Why couldn't they kill off a couple of the young people, even Sammy. But not John. I don't want him back as another charactor but as John. Don't forget when the big story of killing all the main charactors off, including grandma Horton with a doughnut...whose next? Bo, Hope, Marlana, Maggie, Julie? Idiot writers, and creator of the show.