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1.17.11, 2:16 PM
I've been reading that they are going to do a bullying story line with Shane coming up really soon. Then, I read on another site that it may have to do with his sexuality. I don't know, I'm not against gay issues or anything, but being that Shane is only 14 years old, I'd really hate to see the show going in this direction. I know there are so many issues right now with teen suicides and I think the bullying story could be a good one and maybe help some kids to admit they are being bullied. But, there are so many other areas that kids are bullied about other than being gay. I hope they explore some of the other issues for this character. Kids are bullied for many reasons, being overweight, racial differences, being smart, having learning disabilities, you name it, bullies will bully for just about anything.

1.17.11, 7:24 PM
Oh yeah... I won't like that possibility at all. Shane is a sweet kid.. let's keep him innocent for a while.
Haven't we already had a kind of bullying... Matthew has treated Nate like dirt... cruel. I know Matthew has
been manipulated (some) by C-hole.. but some of his bad behavior is on him.

1.17.11, 10:13 PM
Totally agree with you. There are lots of reasons kids get bullied. OLTL had a gay SL which was very popular, and they blew it by letting the actors go.

1.18.11, 11:05 AM
:flamingo: Oh No! Don't go there! I can understand the bullying because Shane is Big Bully :cowboy: 's grandson. He comes by it honestly. Oh wait, that would mean Shane is doing the bullying. As far as Shane being gay, ITA that they had a great gay storyline and they let it go. (Did you hear John on the phone the other day when he was talking to FISH?)

Sometimes I wonder if they leak these spoilers just to see how the viewing public feels about them. Rex's life-threatening episode never happened.

And about bullying ... I think a whole lot of it comes from what kids see on TV. Stop portraying bullying!

1.18.11, 11:45 AM
Ah, I thought I heard John refer to "Fish" when he was on the phone trying to track Nat's car. Agreed, TPTB really blew this story with Fish and Kyle. I would have loved to see them raise the baby together.

1.18.11, 2:24 PM
:flamingo: You mean the baby that's GIGI'S NIECE? Hmpfh! Now I'm all riled up again about Fish & Kyle. :(

1.18.11, 3:10 PM
Yes Maam! And Gigi was supposed to be a part of the baby's life. She never mentions her. :confused: Do you remember on Days when Bo and Hope had to give JT back to his birth parents? At least the writers wrote it into the show that Hope went to visit him. It' like the whole Fish family swam off into the sunset. :(