View Full Version : Natalie, what a liar!

1.14.11, 8:16 PM
When did this girl turn into such a :pinocchio: anyway? It's bad enough that she lied about the paternity of her baby. But now she's making up entire stories. This girl is almost as delusional as Marty right now. Does she really think Marty will stay nuts forever? I have seen Natalie do some stupid things, but this one takes the :donut:. (Closest I could find to a cake smiley.)

PS: Vimal is kinda cute.

1.15.11, 8:58 AM
It looks like CC-hole's puppet maybe DID change the wrong daughter's paternity test. So-- if he changed Nat's.. John would be the Father and Brody would be Jess's baby daddy.
I am so sick of Marty ( a former favorite) that I don't care what Natalie says about her. Marty is so whacked now who would believe a word out of her sick-o mouth .. ever. She gets a look in her eyes that scares even me :-D

1.15.11, 8:59 AM
TinaM.. where are you finding the cute smiley things ?

1.15.11, 11:48 AM
There should be a menu of smilies to the right of your post box. Click "more" at the bottom and it brings up a window of the whole list. They are addictive! :yikes:

1.15.11, 12:31 PM
:anon2d: Vimil is only now just beginning to understand what he's done.
:cowboy: Cowboy Clint-hole has no idea just what Vimil may have done. He doesn't know there were results for THREE family members that day. I just know he's going to come undone and I can only hope it's soon!

:twocents2: Jar, you have to use the POST REPLY just over the top left of the post box. If you use Quick Reply, you don't get them. :flamingo:

1.15.11, 12:35 PM
:flamingo: Well, duh. I didn't even respond to the post. Just yammered around!

I'm not happy with Natalie right now and I've never been a Natalie fan. But I'd rather see her go away than Marty. I mean, if I had to choose. :p

And I agree that all these lies are going to get her in a load of trouble.

1.15.11, 12:42 PM
To get the smilies, you have to choose "Go Advanced" when you are replying or writing a new post.

1.15.11, 5:17 PM
I was using the quick reply... looking everywhere :lookaway: for smilies.

I used to really like Natalie and often was the only one rooting
for her. However,,, this is a biggie and I am struggling with
her choice to lie to John. BUT in light of the fact that I now
think John is the father... I am softening toward her a little ( a little).

But I am furious with Cowboy Clint-hole and can't wait for
his mess to unravel.:cowboy: I hope he is tarred and feathered and
set out in the desert sun by a Prickly Pear Cactus for a bed.

1.15.11, 10:52 PM
:cowboy: I hope he is tarred and feathered and
set out in the desert sun by a Prickly Pear Cactus for a bed.

:D:D:D:D:D Lol!