View Full Version : The Killer???

1.14.11, 1:24 PM
I read an interesting post on facebook yesterday. Some on the OLTL page there think Nora is the one who killed Eddie. After thinking about it, it could be. She was missing there for a bit. The EMTs and the police came and got Rex and there was no sign of Nora until Bo found her ring. I'm still hoping it's Inez, but this kind of makes sense. What do you all think?

1.14.11, 1:49 PM
:flamingo: I had kind of wondered the same thing back when she disappeared. If she did, she must not remember because no way would Nora ever be a liar! :cool: Who's the last person Nora killed and got away with?:confused:

I thought it was interesting about the 50 grand. Where'd it go? I don't think any of the Ford kids have it. Clint was there, wasn't he? Maybe he took his money back. :cowboy: (This smiley shall heretofore forever be known as Cowboy Clint-hole.)

1.14.11, 3:30 PM
Love the CC-hole smiley.
Oh.. I hope it is not Nora. There sure was time for her to do it.. but would she (even dazed) go back to the motel ? BUT.. her prints were all over the place and would not be questioned.. Hmmm

1.14.11, 9:03 PM
I thought about that too when Bo found her wandering around in the woods and asked her where she'd been. I think they'll run the gamut of suspects with everyone taking a turn in jail. I too hope that Inez is the killer, but letting her son take the rap is lower than low. So far, she's not winning any points with me!