View Full Version : Hello - I am back

10.15.07, 12:34 AM
I finally had a few minutes to check back in here. I have not been here in almost two years. A lot has changed here. It looks great. I have been busy having twins, bringing the total to 6 children. I hardly ever get on the computer. Two teenagers on the computer all the time make it difficult. I hope to be able to visit more often. It was nice to receive an email from Mike and Annie reminding me to visit. Thanks.

10.17.07, 11:54 AM
I hear ya about the Teen part...I hardly ever get MY time on here...Welcome back!

10.18.07, 12:04 PM
Welcome back! Holler at me if you have any questions about the new look. :)

mary jayne
1.26.08, 6:55 PM
hi everybody! my name is mary jayne, and i am new. has anyone heard that belle and shawn are leaving days of our lives? does anyone know why? can't be another stupid trick i hope.