View Full Version : We know what's coming, don't we?

1.11.11, 9:51 PM
I was wrong about the double wedding, but so far everything else is following the predictable soap pattern. Nat & Jess have their babies on the same day, and we all know Marty is going to kidnap Nat's baby.

Another kidnapping :yawner:... I hope I'm wrong.

1.12.11, 10:24 AM
I think you are right. Also, think Clint-hole's tampering with the paternity test is going to come out somehow.

I can't wait for the derailing of C-hole.

1.12.11, 10:50 AM
Well, I was wrong when I thought there might be a baby switch in the future. I'm basing this on how different the two babies look! (And very healthy looking, too, for premmies.) :rolleyes: I had also been wondering if both girls have exactly the right babies and were really farther along than they thought. Well, except Jessica wasn't having sex. Hmmm... But I digress ...:p

Marty kidnapping Natalie's baby? Oh geez. I'm so tired of babynappers. :(

1.12.11, 11:48 AM
I think you're right, Tina. I'm also more convinced now that John is indeed the father of Nat's baby. I think C-Hole's goon changed Nat's records. And I can't wait for this to come out and for Clint to fall...but, will he?

1.12.11, 2:25 PM
:cowboy: When/If Cowboy Clint-hole does figure out he's made a boo boo, I can't wait to see the look on his face! :flamingo: (OMG Look what I just found!!! Mine! Mine!) :yikes:

There's a similar thing over on DAYS and I would think that if it comes out that Natalie LIED to him and KEPT IT FROM HIM ... he'll leave her high and dry. And then Blair can console him and be another mother to his baby boy!

Pink<-- totally excited about the pink flamingo smiley!!!

1.12.11, 2:57 PM
Ah, Pink! That is too cute! :blush2ey: I watch Days too and this is one reason why I'm so sick of the paternity saga as I'm seeing it on two shows.

1.13.11, 10:33 AM
:flamingo: I watched DAYS from the very first day it started. Back in the olden days! :eek: Now, I only watch it here at work on the PC (from hulu.com) just as something in the background as I do eBay auctions. That show drives me absolutely up the wall! It's the same thing over and over and over and ...