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1.11.11, 2:42 AM
Okay, I have to admit, I loved the scene today when Kelly picked up a book by "Richard Castle" and saw Nathan Fillion's picture. "Does he look familiar to you?"... great line. :jesterbob: To me, Nathan will always be "Joey".

1.11.11, 11:43 AM
:blush2ey: It was hilarious! I had read just a week or so ago that Nathan wanted to appear on OLTL, as a cameo, and I guess this is how they did it! I loved it!:p

1.11.11, 8:39 PM
I loved that ! Yes, no one will EVER be Joey to me but Nathan Fillion.
I love Castle, too !

1.11.11, 10:40 PM
Thanks for explaining this because I was really confused. I thought the guy on the book cover was Aubrey's boyfriend. I was trying to figure out why a writer would be involved in a scam and why Kelli would think he looked familiar. :blush2ey: