View Full Version : Charlie the Cowardly Lion

1.8.11, 11:33 PM
Jeepers! Does this man have a backbone? It gets heated at the hospital regarding Jess' gunshot wound and he runs out of there with his tail between his knees. What a twirp. For crying out loud, stick around and support your wife. And now, he's going to drink. Viki deserves so much better than this gutless wonder.

1.9.11, 1:51 PM
I totally agree on this. Charlie is such a Casper Milquetoast. And if Echo makes him stray, then he deserves her. And she's feeling guilty about lying and that's a good thing. Except that it's going to break Charlie's heart. :censored:

1.9.11, 4:34 PM
For cryin' out loud.. Is he the biggest wet noodle ever ?
Then he runs out and falls for Echo's line of bull.. geesh.. what a wimp:sigh:.

Let's put him on the top of our hit list.

1.11.11, 11:46 AM
:rolleyez: I was thinking yesterday that if we're patient enough, Clint will take care of him! :shhh: