View Full Version : Natalie... just give me the gun..

1.6.11, 11:56 PM
If Natalie can't pull the trigger... I wish she would hand me the gun.
I would like to finish the job and a few other characters :upsideq:

1.7.11, 1:58 AM
Me too! My list: Marty, Inez, Clint-Hole and Echo. :devilish:

1.7.11, 1:24 PM
Ha ! They are all at the top of my list, then the rest of the Fords

1.8.11, 1:44 PM
I was pretty surprised when we saw Natalie and Marty at the cabin. I had to think this was for humor because Natalie in the tight wedding dress and BOOTS with the gun was hilarious! What was with, "My grandpa taught me ..." She never knew Asa that long! But my big point is a woman that pregnant i1n a dress that tight ... trying to get knee-high boots on and off! :eek: ROTFL!

I find it difficult to believe either would leave the other there because everyone's going to know that either Natalie took Marty or Marty abandoned Natalie.

I see from the previews ... oh wait ... I didn't know until the other day that they were even doing previews again! LOL! I see John will be at the cabin and Natalie will be screaming in labor pain! Why is it the men always seem to deliver the babies in remote areas?? :rolleyez:

1.8.11, 7:19 PM
I would like to know how a pregnant Natalie managed to drag an unconscious Marty all the way to this cabin by herself. No wonder she's in early labor! Not to mention that Marty was unconscious this whole time and the cabin is a ways from Llanview. Wouldn't that be a pretty serious head injury? This is much like the time Hannah dragged an unconscious Starr, while also carrying Hope, to wherever her parents' house was.

This is a stretch, even for soaps. I've had enough with women dragging other unconscious women all around town. Come on peoples, time to turn the page.