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1.6.11, 9:25 PM
I just got a message from TinaMarina. She's having trouble posting. It keeps telling her she doesn't have authorization to post. Do you guys have any suggestions for her? She has sent an email to Mike and Annie, but hasn't heard anything back yet. Jar, didn't you have some trouble when you first moved over here last week?

1.6.11, 10:53 PM
Yes , I just kept resetting my password. It was a hassle.. then finally it worked. I was just about ready to sign up under a new name.

1.8.11, 12:52 PM
Even though we posted daily at the old site, I used to get emails saying I hadn't posted in a long time. I think that was referring to this site. :anon2d:

My login worked here just fine so I agree to either keep trying to change the password or get a new userid ... if you don't hear from Mike or Annie. :rolleyes:

I hope she makes it soon because we need her finely honed insight! :p

Oh, btw, if you use Quick Reply, you don't get all the smilies and things. You have to go back to the top of the thread and do Post Reply. Also, I haven't found a quick way to get back to the front page of Talk so I click on the breadcrumbs on OLTLTALK. If y'all have a faster way, let me know! :hatter:

Pink <-- loves me some smilies!

1.8.11, 5:00 PM
FINALLY!!! After a few whiny emails to Mike I guess I was finally reset, or whatever needed to be done. I think this happened when I updated my email address from the ancient one I originally registered with. Trust me, I changed my password over and over and also tried to re-register under a new name, but it wouldn't let me do ANYTHING! I was beginning to think I was banned for some reason :o

Anyway, I'm in and I have lots o' griping to catch up on. Will be back soon!

1.8.11, 6:30 PM
Pink -
I keep the OLTL page bookmarked so I can go straight here. That way I can avoid seeing all the political tripe always showing up on the index page.

1.8.11, 10:29 PM
Yay! I'm glad you're now able to post, Tina!

1.9.11, 12:49 PM
YAY! Now, let's get to it, TM. There's lots of fodder for chat!:jesterbob: