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1.5.11, 1:00 PM
:confused: I read a week or so ago that Rex was going to practically be lingering between life and death. But he's out of the hospital and appears to be good to go. I checked spoilers again and didn't find that one. I'm wondering if they changed their minds. I thought maybe he would have an aneurysm because of hitting his head. :sigh:

1.5.11, 2:02 PM
I know, I read that too and thought this accident was going to be bad for him. Maybe he's going to get hurt in another way down the line. With all of his snooping around in hotel rooms etc, he's always in harm's way.

1.6.11, 10:17 AM
I figured it would be the way his paternity would come out. You know, need blood, need vital organ, something like that. I was pleased that it wouldn't be dragged out. Hmmm...maybe it will happen farther down the road. :rolleyez:

1.6.11, 8:39 PM
How do you start a new thread on here ? All I can figure out is how to reply ?

1.6.11, 9:23 PM
At the top of this page where it says, OLTL Talk, there is a "go" button next to it. Hit that button and it will take you to the OLTL Talk main page. There you will see the list of all the posts. At the top of that list on the left, it says, "submit a new thread", that is where you can start a new thread.

Let me know if you still have questions.

1.6.11, 10:57 PM
Ok.. I see.. Thanks !