View Full Version : Aubrey's Main Squeeze

1.4.11, 2:15 PM
At the moment, it looks like Aubrey and her guy are just scamming Joey, no doubt for money. So far, I'm not invested in this storyline. I'm kind of interested in the fact that Clint doesn't like her! LOL! :p

1.4.11, 2:40 PM
Truthfully, I'm not attaching to any of the stories regarding, Kelly, Joey, Aubrey and her "squeeze" at the moment. The writers need to focus on the characters they have and forget bringing new trouble to town. For one thing, it's like Destiny has fallen off the face of the earth and that child has a lot to deal with. I'd like to see her story play out. Is Matthew ever going to realize that he caused the accident? And, I want to see more of Viki and Dorian torturing Echo...LOL!

1.4.11, 6:46 PM
I could do without the Fords (including Inez) I don't think any of them(especially Nate) bring anything to the show.
I was so excited when TPTB reunited Bo and Nora.. one of the all-time best soap couples.. and am so ticked that they couldn't leave them alone for a little while. I think every soap needs a stable married couple.
I am excited to see Clint-hole's crap unravel. I will be doing back-flips ( well, in my mind :-D ) when he is found out.
Aubrey ( altho, I love the actress) is not a rivoting sl. We have seen it so many times we could act the parts.
I hope in 2011 they do not re-visit any mental breakdowns for Jess.
Well :-) I didn't mean to do a whole rant...

1.4.11, 10:16 PM
Rant away. The way the show has been written lately (well, for a while now) really stinks. As I've said before, I really hope it was Inez that shot Eddie and that she'll be sent to Statesville for life. I don't like her at all and I also hate that they messed with Bo and Nora.

1.5.11, 12:56 PM
I also hate that Destiny's ... destiny :p seems to have been put on hold. She and Matthew together were enjoyable. I think Matthew knows he caused the accident because he was questioning (was it) Bo? He might feel that since no one is hurt, it's not a problem.

And now David's back in the picture. :confused: I hope they get him out of there!