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1.3.11, 4:31 PM
There are still a few Oscar contenders that I haven't yet seen (The King's Speech, 127 Hours, Blue Valentine, Rabbit Hole ... maybe a couple others), but here are my top 10 of 2010 so far ...

1. The Social Network - great writing, direction, acting. Just about perfect, IMHO.
2. The Fighter - great performances, especially Christian Bale.
3. True Grit - I didn't expect much from this film, but I ended up really liking it - good performances, beautiful visuals.
4. The Town - I watched this again on Blu-ray after having seen it in the theater and it holds up well. There may be some who quibble about plot problems, but Affleck is becoming one heck of a director, and I loved Jeremy Renner's performance.
5. Winter's Bone - bleak and unflinching. Jennifer Lawrence is one to watch.
6. How to Train Your Dragon - I know Toy Story 3 is supposed to be the animated film I love this year, but something about "Dragon" just grabbed me. Totally loved it.
7. Exit Through the Gift Shop - Extremely interesting as a performance piece ... one of those films where the "truth" matters less than the "experience."
8. Restrepo - A visceral and troubling portrait of soldiers on the front line in Afghanistan.
9. Inception - not a perfect film, but visually brilliant and highly ambitious.
10. Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work - an inside look at the woman most of us know for her bad plastic surgery ... funny, sad and revealing.

Honorable mentions:
The Kids Are All Right (liked it - didn't love it)
Solitary Man (nice performance by Michael Douglas)
Black Swan (CRAZY!!)
The Ghost Writer (good atmosphere and performances)
The Crazies (kind of cool for a horror movie)
Toy Story 3 (hard to dislike this movie)
The American (atmospheric and quiet, but Clooney is just so watchable!)
Going the Distance (funny adult comedy)
Easy A (cute comedy with a nice performance by Emma Stone)

Overall, compared to last year, I think this is a weak year for movies. I liked a lot of films, but I didn't LOVE many.

1.3.11, 7:43 PM
It was years ago that I fell "out of love" with movies.
It seem s there are so few good ones anymore.
None of the movies on this list would entice me to pay movie theater prices.
"Avatar" is the only movie I have seen in the theater in a long time.
And I'm glad I did.
Aside from that, I can't remember the last time someone raved about how great a movie was.
They just don't seem to pack the punch they used to.