View Full Version : Calling my Old Board Peeps

12.30.10, 12:26 PM
Hey, Pink Flamingo, TinaMarina, and Jar, are you guys having trouble posting on the old boards? Says that my email isn't listed.

12.30.10, 7:07 PM
Same to ya, Kris! I can't seem to post on the old board, wonder if it's going away. :eek:

I don't have a problem posting here if that's how it turns out. I got a new laptop and WiFi and it's like I'm learning everything all over again! Why should this be different! LOL!


12.30.10, 8:30 PM
I can use this board .. but I don't like the format at all.

I had a heck of a time getting "permission" to post. I had to change my email then jump through a couple hoops. Meanwhile their email to me went into my junk folder so I didn't see it. Oh well... all is well now.

12.31.10, 1:12 PM
I talked to Annie and she is going to have Mike look at it and get it fixed. She did say how they wish all would come over here to make it easier on them. I'm used to this board as I post on the Pier all the time, but I will go wherever you guys want to hang out. I knew something had to be wrong when nobody had posted over there in over a week.

12.31.10, 1:49 PM
I emailed them, too. I still can't post on the old boards.. so will just start
using this one. I can adapt.:winkq:

1.3.11, 10:09 PM
Hey girls! I'm late to the party. Just tried to post tonight and had the same problems. Heck, I thought everyone was just busy with the holidays. Oh well, I'm surprised the old board stayed up this long. Okay, I'll give this one a shot.

1.3.11, 10:40 PM
Yay! We are all here now. :) I would really hate it if we all lost touch. We're the OLTL Fab Four...:p Or...maybe the only 4 who still hang on and watch the show.