View Full Version : Drake fans here who live in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, come in please!

10.13.07, 9:05 AM
Hey folks, as many of you already know, next week (tentatively) we're planning on forming a picket line protest in behalf of TPTB killing off Drake Hogestyn's character, John Black. Details are still pretty sketchy because we need a head count of just how many people will be taking part in the protest, so if you're interested, please IM me ASAP or post in this thread okay? THANK YOU!

10.13.07, 11:55 AM
Gosh, I wish I could be there!! I will be in spirit though and good luck to all the supporters of this!!

10.13.07, 12:11 PM
I think it's all a BIG HOAX,we all know nobody ever really dies on Days,they make me gag when they do this to us fans of Days,its like NBC wants to piss off everone so we will stop watching and then they will look good when they cann the show,well not me I have been watching Days ever sence its been on the air and I will watch to the last day it airs unless I am dead. [John is my HERO] my mercenary John...BRING HIM BACK,,,

10.13.07, 12:45 PM
Aww, thank you D00L1Fan (http://www.coffeerooms.com/bb/member.php?u=2714)! RedLooks22 (http://www.coffeerooms.com/bb/member.php?u=3489), I pray that you're right! NO Drake, NO me!

10.13.07, 3:22 PM
I live in Florida so I can't be there but, like DOOL1Fan, I'll be there in spirit. You oughta have the protest on Halloween since us spirits will be there. lol. jk. Did Drake get fired or did he quit? I guess he got canned. The man has been loyal to Days for decades and this is his reward? The ingrates. If I lived near LA I'd definitely be there! We love you Drake!!!!

10.14.07, 1:45 AM
Thank you migsly, nope, sadly Drake was fired, he WANTED to sign another contract but TPTB didn't offer him one.

10.14.07, 12:50 PM
What is Days Of Our Lives address,lets all send John a card and mail it Oct:15th so he will get it,,,

10.14.07, 12:59 PM
Great idea! Here is Drake's address for the studio...

Drake Hogestyn
Days of our Lives, c/o NBC-TV
3000 W. Alameda Avenue
Burbank, CA 91523

10.19.07, 2:18 PM
I just sent him one. :)