View Full Version : I can't resist - Britney & her weave

10.11.07, 4:05 PM

This looks painful to me. And I always wonder how you wash or brush it. But, it's Britney, so maybe she doesn't.

10.12.07, 3:47 PM
Pssst...Britney...you airhead...
you aren't supposed to wear it up so people can see the weave.
Does that creature EVER look in the mirror?

1.7.08, 12:26 AM
I mean, is ANYONE really surprised by anything this hillbilly train wreck does anymore? Just walk away and let the thing die out.

8.24.09, 12:14 PM
She does so much stuff with her hair it is unbelievable.. Look at this gallery i found that they made with some of her different hair styles.. and some are just plain bad too... http://www.msg.com/photos/which-britney-spears-is-your-favorite/

8.25.09, 2:02 AM
With all that money you would think there would be better weaves *shakes head*
Im glad the girl is getting healthier but MY GOD someone smack her and her stylist for letting her go outside like this