View Full Version : Coupon For Bertolli Frozen Entrees

10.11.07, 8:42 AM
Go to www.villabertolli.com to get a $2 coupon towards any Bertolli frozen entree. These are the best frozen meals out there and they only take about 15 minutes to prepare. I highly recommend them. If you want this coupon, go get it now because they only have these coupons up for a limited time.

4.20.08, 11:44 PM
Hey, I just stumbled across this site, and noticed that the link you have is outdated for the coupon. They have a new coupon up at http://www.bertollinightsin.com/frozendinners.aspx?vc=13 (http://www.bertollinightsin.com/frozendinners.aspx?vc=13)for $2.50 off. Additionaly while you are there make sure to vote in the video contest for a chance to win a trip to NYC. My favorite is "The Deceptive Date"!