View Full Version : Winter's Bone

11.14.10, 7:03 PM
I am guessing this film will be a darling come awards season. The lead actress, Jennifer Lawrence, gives an unflinching performance that signals a star in the making. The movie is about her character's attempt to save her family home (and family) when her father apparently jumps bond after putting the house/land up to back it.

This is a bleak film set in an environment I couldn't quite connect with, but somehow Lawrence's performance kept me riveted. Overall I'd give Lawrence an A and the movie a B ... worth a watch when you aren't in the mood for laughs.

11.15.10, 12:29 PM
Just got a "warning" from my sister about this one, that it is pretty depressing. At the same time, I see critics are raving. I guess it will be this year's Frozen River (is that right?).

11.15.10, 8:04 PM
I think that is a good comparison. It was very bleak ... one of those movies (like Precious last year) that is obviously GOOD, yet I won't be watching it again!