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10.10.07, 9:51 PM
After her tirade to Luis blaming him as usual for every bad thing that has ever happened to her Sitting on her butt and ordering him around like a servant for years. Threatening him with anything and everything.
(excuse me, scorpio grabs Alistair's glass of brandy, gulps it down)
Luis: "Thanks Sheridan for the reality check!" Bwwhhhaaa

10.11.07, 3:43 AM
You mean the reality check of realising what she has become. If Shuis arguing ad Sheridan blaming Luis for every sdingle thing, is Passion, well half the couples in the world are very passionate about each other. Or maybe that is 3/4.
I wish Luis would have said ," Stop it! Stop blaming me. It is not all my fault. Why did'nt you come with me the first time.
Trying to win back someone is not about passing blame. You cannot one minute expect someone to help you.. the next minute saying to yourself that if he messes up this time she'll have to kill Luis.. and the next minute saying he and you and Marty will be a family when you continuously blame him and throw it in his face.
This new Sheridan has disappointed me.

Luis started well, saying there was a RIGHT way and a WRONG way of doing this,. I'm sorry but the RIGHT way is the way to go for me.

The good thing bout this is, when Luis loses his job, because of the reality check he was given, to do something illegal, and that could destroy his reputation...he'll tell himself, "I cannot believe everything I worked soo hard for, for years, ALL my dreams have been lost because of the reality check, Sher gave me.

10.11.07, 11:19 AM
Well and Al has set up this whole deal and Spike is in on it. It is one thing that Sheridan is one disturbed person with fantasies floating around in that empty head of hers, but dragging Luis into is something else.
Even if they do find Marty, what kind of a mother do you think Sheridan will make, she cannot even define right from wrong right now. Yeah they will be a family alright, I can see it now. She will be in a mental institution and he will be in prison. Of course Sheridan doesn't think Al knows about this?
Of course he does and this is just another sick joke of his to control his spineless weak daughter. He thinks that he has control of Fancy so his main goal is to destroy Luis and that has been his goal for a long time.

jeanne 1
10.11.07, 11:41 AM
love shuis no one can even compare to how
they interact with each other
yes its prolly a set up by alistar as everything
is but shuis fans dont care we just want to see
them on screen they have been rocking
remember we all have our OPINIONS HERE IS MINE


10.11.07, 4:02 PM
Yes, absolutely, everyone has opinions and we have all asked why do the fans really support this relationship of Luis and Sheridan's. It is dysfunctional at best and I don't understand it, but whatever floats your boat, hey it is just a soap.
I have watched Passions from the beginning and when their relationship started to bloom, it was fun and entertaining, then it became one of very high maintenance. It has been constant turmoil and other men, no communication, ultimatiums and I don't see the magic. Sheridan is a shrew and she treats Luis so bad and the blaming. That is why I find Gwen so distasteful, her and Sheridan both sit there casting stones and blaming everyone and anything and they sit in pious judgement on the their thrones. Magical? Maybe 5 years ago, but now?......just not happening. MW has done her best acting in the last 6 months, but the "new Sheridan" has turned into the scheming, manipulative, screaming villian that we have all seen through the years on soaps. She is the character that you love to hate. She is the character that you want exposed and hope that she ends up with a male counterpart that will be her equal "evildoer", not a sweet guy like Luis who has been to hell and back. To some of us there is Sheridan and there is Luis. There is not at this time "shuis". We have divided these two individuals because it has been very painful to watch the things that Sheridan has done to him in the name of "love". We can like Luis and not like Sheridan. I am sure your fan base likes Luis and loves Sheridan, but how can you justify some of her actions. I noticed the posts yesterday how happy some of you were that they were just on screen together and hugged at the end of the show. No one even acknowledged what she was asking Luis to do or the horrible things that she said to him or the fact that she had to threatened and humiliate him, just that they were "together". No a lot of us do not understand and maybe we never will, but once again it is just an opinion. JMHO