View Full Version : Why Did GH Burn Down Mac Scorpio's House?! (A Rant)

11.9.10, 8:05 AM
Many old GH fans will remember that house was the old Webber house! The house has been on GH since the mid-70s. The first Monica, Patsy Rehn, had scenes there when she was married to Jeff Webber! There were GREAT STORIES that came from that set which saved GH from cancellation in the 70s!!! Rick, Lesley and Laura lived at that house! Scotty and Laura became a one of GH's first young supercouple in that house! Laura had a famous Christmas tree scene there! Tony, Tania and their baby, B.J. Jones lived at that house! Remember when Lucy Coe had on a red wedding dress when she got married at that house?! Why on earth would TPTB burned down a house like that?!http://forums.soapnet.go.com/dir-icon/106/2/shocked.icon There are some sets GH should get rid off such as Kelly's and Sonny's house, but the old Webber house was NOT one of them!!!http://forums.soapnet.go.com/dir-icon/106/2/frown.icon Is ABC saying that GH is dead because of that fire?!http://forums.soapnet.go.com/dir-icon/106/2/devilish.icon Sets that are untouchable are the Nurses Station and the Old Webber House! HOW COULD YOU, GH?!!!:jesterbob:


2.18.11, 3:27 AM
Maybe they wanted to get rid of the set...but it might also be that they just did it for storyline reasons. They don't seem to have done much with it, though. Have they even mentioned lately where Mac and Maxie are living now?? Port Charles Hotel??

Suzanne Lanoue

3.7.11, 6:56 AM
I think GH got rid of that set because of cutbacks: GH has to truck sets in except for the Nurses Station.