View Full Version : "Days of Our Lives" Renewed

11.8.10, 4:04 PM
Most fans were hoping for at least one more year, but fearing the end of the show, NBC announced on Monday that it is renewing its daytime soap, "Days of Our Lives," for two more years.

More... (http://www.coffeerooms.com/ontv/2010/11/days-of-our-lives-renewed.html)

11.8.10, 4:50 PM
Congrats to DOOL...I'm sure the cast and crew are happy to have jobs for 2 more years. But, as a Fan, I hope the storylines improve. I could do without ridiculous storylines like Vivian in a sarcophogas!(altho she did have some funny lines). I would like more romance and adventure and less
'lies & manipulations".