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10.10.07, 7:30 PM
After Martin left with Katherine, Alistar took his revenge out on a very young and beautiful Pilar. He raped her and she became pregnant. Not being able to face the thought of sharing anything with Alistar she had an abortion, which was against her religion and beliefs. If Alistar ever finds out that she killed a possible heir to his empire than he would destroy her entire family. With Sheridan and Julian being so weak he knew that he would have to spawn a suitable heir with someone with spirit and strength. She knows that none of her children would ever understand why she did such an awfull sin. Of course that is why Alistar named lil Ethan as his heir because of the blood line. That is why he is so angry about LE paternity.

Sounded good to me. Not exactly a cliffhanger but possible. Got this from another website. :censored:

10.11.07, 3:05 AM
Yea, that sounds very poss. I wish it was killing Al though.

But I heard someone else dies soon, so i'm waiting to see who.
I'd love Al to turn up dead. he has been quiet for the past couple days. He does not even know pretty is using the controls against his instructions.

It's making Luis more suspicious and luis is connecting the dots.

Anywy there is still time for the most stable harmony citizen to committ murder. Wait! could be LUis too. Luis could committ murder. The only mrder he could committ to keep him out of jai, is Al. Everyone will be so happy Al is dead and Luis would say he did it in self defense.

10.11.07, 10:11 AM
I think it will be Spike that gets it. Of course the suspect list will be endless. Luis will be in enough trouble with Sheridum's off the wall idea.

jeanne 1
10.11.07, 10:44 AM
i think pilar has been secretly having a affair
with some high profile person in harmony
not going with out as we have been told all these years
but knowing jer its prolly something stupid like
tc's shed any case eva gets a story that should
be great

10.11.07, 2:35 PM
I agree that Pilar needs a storyline instead of living through her children's lives. The fact that her children are not children anymore and should be allowed to make their own mistakes and be responsible for those mistakes. She has put her life on hold trying to keep her family going and I think it is time that she gets a life of her own. I wish she was having a torrid affair with a high profile person, but I doubt it is something that we as a fan base would reject. I would be doing a happy dance. I agree it is going to be an anti-climatic cliff-hanger that jer is so good at. The trouble with the build-up of these storylines is that they are so lame and you are left thinking "that's it? that is what I have been waiting for?" or the fact that by the time it gets to the end we all know what is going to happen and that is still a let down.

10.20.07, 10:36 PM
I think one of Pilar's children isn't Martin's. I don't know which one it would be.

10.31.07, 11:55 PM
I've had a couple of ideas. Some work some don't.

It's possible that Martin was shooting blanks and Pilar got desperate to give him a child. All her kids are Al's. Or

After Martin left Pilar prostituted herself to Al and then came Paloma. Pilar sent her to Mexico because she didn't want Al to have anything to do with her.

But what I really think it is, is this.... Pilar didn't know she was dating a son of a Mexican drug cartel/mafia and was present when a crime was committed or ended up getting caught up in the crime. In order to stay out of prison she ratted them all out and was put in the witness protection program in a joint offer from Mexico and the US. If they found out where she was they would come after her.