View Full Version : Luis's IQ has decreased about 30 pts.

10.10.07, 4:20 PM
I have said it before and I will say again, Sheridan makes Luis look totally stupid. The last few days has been a perfect example of how stupid Luis can be. The one that stands is him talking to Sheridan about Fancy's behavior! That is rich.
"Yeah Sheridan I know you tried to fry Theresa and let me die all in the name of love, and frankly you are looney tunes, but Fancy just threw me out of the bedroom." Sheridan was drueling like a psyche patient, I kept waiting for her eyes to go black again. You know I had reservations about the Fancy and Luis pairing and I really think that Fancy deserves better.
I don't think Fancy should do a thing, because we all know Sheridan has and will do something to destroy her and Luis's relationship. She already has and we all know she will do it again. Sheridan is destined to be a loser. A loser as a lover, wife, stepmother, mother, friend ect... So Fancy just blow your nose really good and wait, because Aunt sher sher will blow it once again. In the meantime you might try to find something rare in Harmony a man with a brain.:confused:

10.10.07, 6:34 PM

i emailed u.

10.10.07, 6:54 PM
I also loved it when Shersher talked Luis into wiping out Spike's criminal record and cash for info on Marty. After Luis listed all of Spike's crimes she lashes out that she didn't care. So Luis will probably no longer be Harmony's finest and I don't see this Marty search ending on a good note. But Luis ends the conversdtion with thanking sheridum for the "reality check"! That is like asking Osama Bin Laden to endorse a gun safety bill. My advise to Fancy is to run in the opposite direction because your man has just lost it. Of course we all know Sheridan is looney as bat.

11.1.07, 12:12 AM
And what did that money and the erasing of Spike's records get them. Nothing.

11.1.07, 4:57 PM
I kept waiting for them to reveal that Luis had made copies of Spike's original file so that if Spike tried to run without giving them the info on Marty then Luis could threaten him. I just wanted them to show Luis had a brain and learned some things after being a cop all these years. After I thought about this I told myself WAKE UP!! this is Passions, they don't give the good people brains, only the villians!

11.4.07, 11:23 AM
And because the good people are so dumb the bad guys don't have to be very smart at all.

11.4.07, 6:26 PM
Sheridan saps the life AND the intelligence from him.