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10.9.07, 10:31 AM
So a lot of the time, after watching a show (particularly Weeds) I'll hear a song and need to know what the heck it is. Well I found this site awhile ago and it's awesome.

It's HeardOnTV.com (http://heardontv.com/all/recent) and very helpful. And if you heard a song on a show and know what it is, you can contribute too! Very cool. Just wanted to share!

10.16.07, 12:15 PM
Nice! I've done a lot of searches looking for music heard on TV lately. Most recent was from a commercial, though. Pennys uses Inside the Music Box in a really surreal ad. I'm now a huge Regina Spektor fan.

10.17.07, 2:56 PM
I wish I'd seen your post earlier. lol
Yesterday I was looking for a song I heard at the end of Women's Murder Club and I was going crazy looking up like 16 different sites before I was finally able to find it. I couldn't believe how difficult it was.

I'm going to use this one you suggested from now on. Good to know, thanks.

10.18.07, 11:53 AM
Glad you found it useful! I love it, I'm always asking "what was that song?" I found one on weeds the other night that I just had to know...turns out it was called Butt Machine. I cracked up.