View Full Version : My issue is everything is SO PREDICTABLE!

10.9.07, 11:04 AM
I don't know is it just me? Because nothing seems to suprise me anymore. Even Benji in the casket. I didn't necessarily know that it would be HIM in the box. But I would have bet somebody besides Roman was. I just somehow always feel like we're all always 10 steps ahead of Days and what will happen on the show. Sometimes I honestly wonder if they have people that "hang out" here to see what the fans are thinking too. There's been times in the past, especially during the whole serial killer nightmare where I swear we all came up with the answers and the show would all of the sudden take a drastic change. I still wonder why we never got all the answers to alot of things storyline wise!!:censored: I sure hope Days will survive thru 2009. I was hopeful that things were getting better...but I just don't know.