View Full Version : Inspector Lindley is on tonight!

10.7.07, 8:37 PM
I really like him. When they use to have the Agatha Christie movies on there every one in awhile he would be on. It is a series.

10.9.07, 9:59 AM
scorpio witch i like inspector lindley too. have you seen damian lewis on life yet? he is another brit who is a fantastic actor and now is doing crime drama in america. joanne

10.10.07, 4:43 PM
Does he have a series or movies? I love the "Midsomer Murders" that the had on a few months ago. PBS used to have a lot more programs than they do now. Hopefully this fall will bring back a Miss Marple and Hercule my favorite detectives.

Dr. Mike
10.25.07, 11:12 AM
Of course, I'm an easy touch for almost any "BritCop". (Did I just make that up?!)

This one has its slack moments where not everything works exactly right, but overall it is charming characters and fun production and at least OK mysteries if not great.

I wouldn't recommend watching it after, say, just finishing a volume of "Prime Suspect" -- but then there's really not much that can stand up next to Prime Suspect, is there guv?