View Full Version : I Thought it was Just a Joke

9.23.10, 8:01 PM
When "Lost" ended last May, there were jokes about Ben and Locke doing some sort of sequel. Now, it looks like it's more likely than not to actually happen. Odd Couple? No, not that odd...

More... (http://www.coffeerooms.com/ontv/2010/09/i-thought-it-was-just-a-joke.html)

9.23.10, 8:34 PM
This is an award winning combination of actors.
Any network that doesn't pick this up and run with it,
is foolish times ten.

9.24.10, 9:33 AM
I think you're probably right. I've been trying to remember... did the characters make some sort of joke about doing a talk show together while on the island? Or maybe they were saying it in post-finale interviews?