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10.5.07, 1:09 PM
Well, am cooking the big Thanksgiving dinner (Canadian version) this weekend, and am actually looking forward to it. I am a bit of a quirk because I love having people over for dinner etc... but get overwhelmed or nervous or something that it won't go right or something won't be cooked right!! I am a worrier, that is for sure:(. Anway, we are having about 9 people over on Sunday for the traditional turkey and all the fixins'. So here is hoping all will go o.k. What does everyone else do for the big holiday?? Lots of good food and great company or a quieter version??

We received some wonderful news last Friday:jesterbob:, our son and his girlfriend are pregnant... we are so very happy for them, especially our son. He is 31 and 2 years out of a failed marriage, one of the reasons being that his wife didn't want children. He and Erin are very good together seem to have lots of laughs and good times. She has a 9 year old daughter from a previous relationship who is over the moon with the news of the coming baby. They plan to marry next September so this was a little bit of a surprise, but a great one!

Hubby is still on strike, has been since June so it sucks big time. He did tell me yesterday that both sides are finally back at the table talking for the first time since July. I am sure keeping my fingers crossed they will be able to come to some sort of resolution. It isn't money that is the sticking issue, it is safety in the bush, shifting hours and log exports. I've been praying for everyone involved that this will end soon. For Rick and I it is just the two of us at home but there are many, many familes out there with children and only one income so it has to be rough. Power of positive thinking, right??

Well, I guess I better run. I just wanted to catch up with everyone. The board has been so quiet. Now that people will be inside for the coming winter, maybe it will perk up somewhat, eh?

Take care everyone and any Canucks out there, Happy Thanksgiving.

10.7.07, 10:26 PM
Congrats to the new baby. That is so exciting. Babies are such joy to have around. The grandparent part anyway. You get to spoil them.

Hope your Thanksgiving dinner went well. I like all the trimmings too. We usually have the turkey, ham too, and all the trimmings that go with.....way too much food. This year son, dil and the two grands are going to Ohio. They think it will be safer to go then instead of Christmas. Because of snow. They went last Christmas and had to rush back because snow, sleet and freezing rain was coming in to that area. I was relieved when they got home too. We may go eat out this year, I don't really won't to do all that cooking by myself. My dil does a lot of the cooking.

Happy Thanksgiving Penny and family.
I am thankful for all my "certain age" friends.
Take care, CJ

Lola Beedow
10.14.07, 2:28 PM
I finally managed to log in and join you again...I had so much trouble with passwords and logging in that I gave up. I received an email from the administrator(s) at Coffeerooms last week wondering where I was, so I tried to reset my password and was successful this time.

DH and I have gone off turkey (though I do love stuffing, especially if it's made with mushrooms and sausage) and we don't celebrate holidays, save for New Year's Eve. We don't have family nearby.

On Thanksgiving Monday, we ordered in some pizza and lasagna. We enjoyed it.:)