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9.12.10, 8:47 AM
I don't think any Cassadine character would be The Balkan such as Valentin or Helena; the Cassdines are upperworld mob family, not an underworld mob family.:surprisedq: The GH writers try to keep the Cassadines and the underworld mob away from each other except when GH made a terrible mistake, and put Alexis in the underworld mob stories! Remember once, Sonny told Luke that he and the Cassadines work on different spheres: Luke declared war on Stefan and the rest of the Cassadines, and Luke wanted to make sure Sonny was not related to them or working with them!:evilgrinu:

It would be interesting to see an underworld Cassadine, but I don't put much faith in the GH writers doing it correctly.:rolleyez: Hey, this would bring Luke back into the storyline!:wow: He faught the underworld mob, Frank Smith and his mob organization and the upperworld mob, The Cassadines! I think that the Italian lady who was talking with Sonny could be The Balkan, or his wife?! If The Balken is that Italian lady, it would be very interesting to see how Sonny deals with an older and mature underworld mob leader who is a woman? Unlike how he dealt with Faith Rosco who was a young woman. I remember reading in the newspaper that in Europe that there were some underworld mob leaders who were women!:queen: I think it said that many of their husbands were killed, and they took over their husbands' organizations; and some became leaders because most of the men in their families were killed. :read:


10.13.10, 7:44 AM
I have a feeling that The Balkan has been in Port Charles for quite awhile. He maybe she has been spying on Sonny, Jason, and Anthony Zacharra along with Johnny. Anyone who saw GH's Nightshift: a woman whom I assume was Brenda was attacked in an ambulance on her way to the hospital. That was about 2 years ago. Thus, The Balkan probably was behind it. Why? Some spoilers said that Brenda stole something from The Balkan. A rumor said she killed someone in The Balkan's family, and Dante covered this up when he was protecting her! :cool:

When did Brenda meet Dante? Well, we know it was either in 2004 or after 2004. Dante's first arrest was Franco in 2004. So, he was assigned to Brenda after that arrest. I don't see a connection between Franco's arrest and The Balkan, yet. It may not be one! Hmmm ?!:confused:

GenTu/Marilyn :)

10.29.10, 6:07 AM
I am thinking Brenda's storyline along with The Balkan aspect may be similar to Duke's story.:confused: Duke was an illegitmate son of a Scottish Canadian mob boss. He went to visit his father in Canada in order to tell him that he was this mob boss's son. Duke ended up in a cover up of a mob crown prince's murder. Duke's half-sister killed this mob crown prince because he tried to rape her. This prince was Victor Jerome's, a mob boss, eldest son, and the uncle of Lucas Jones.:winkq:

There was a big mob meeting, and Duke accused his father of trying to kill him, and he finally told him who he was. The mob bosses and their associates ended up in prison. A Jerome relative went up to Duke's father, and asked why was his cousin killed? Duke's father said that mob crown prince tried to rape his daughter. This Jerome ralative said something like that his cousin got death for tempted rape? Duke's father said that his daughter thought it was worthy of death which sealed Duke's father's fate.:quivering: Duke's father had to drink poison to protect his daughter and the rest of his family from the Jerome Mob.:pumpkins:

The present GH storyline of Brenda could be similar. Many fans are saying that Brenda killed a relative of The Balkan, and Dante, an illegitmate son of Sonny, a mob boss, covered this up, and that could be their secret? This could explain why The Balkan is after her. I don't see Sonny, Jason, Jax, or even Dante drinking poison in order to save Brenda's life! Both stories seem like they could be similar. The only thing that seems different is that The Balkan has not been revealed, yet. Once this person is revealed, the audience will find out which way the story may go?!:read: