View Full Version : Food Eating Competitions

9.6.10, 4:36 PM
Today on the news I saw bit on a Chicken Wing eating competition, during which some woman set a world record for eating 181 wings in a 12 minutes... Now I think its important people enjoy themselves in life. There are a lot of problems in this world, and we can be easily overwhelmed if all we do is fret about them. I myself donate to several charities, but I also have half-seasons tickets to the Vancouver Canucks.
But there is something about people gorging on food for no other reason than to see if they can do it that really bothers me. How much of this world is starving? and how many competitions are staged every year, all over the world, to see how much food people can cram down their gullets? It seems an awful waste...

sorry just felt the need to vent.

9.6.10, 6:10 PM
I agree.
All the money that goes into promoting these inane eating competitions would be better spent feeding the hungry.