View Full Version : Sooz, Tilapin, Rylooooo? gUrls roll call!

3.21.07, 5:48 PM
Virginia from Virginia?
and, and, and?

3.22.07, 3:25 PM
Im not a grrlfriends regular but just wanted to let you know that I love the pink in here. Nice touch.

*edit* woops! I meant gurlfriends! d'oh!

4.14.07, 7:38 PM
I thought I posted a reply in here yesterday, but now it isn't here. I don't know if it's actually someplace else, or it's drifting out in cyber-limbo??

4.26.07, 9:21 PM
(<i>Really</i> great looking spot. I might move in. But I should read the instructions first ;^)

4.27.07, 5:40 PM
Hello, bunny. This is all just a ploy to lure you back with the promise of smiley button and all that jazz. As far as testing, a mistype on my part, really. We just want to know how it is for users who haven't been wandering around in the guts of it all for a few months. Is it easy to use? An improvement? A huge mistake and waste of my time?

How are you, beyond the valley of the hot flash? Have you spoken to the lovely Sooz, the crazy Ryloooo or the brainy bigfan lately? And Reese? Anyone? Anyone? gURLssss?

4.29.07, 2:44 AM
Boo! :)

4.29.07, 3:52 PM
Amie Annie! Consider me kind of lured back ;^)
No, these new boards are not a waste of your time.
I'm well, thanks for asking. But I haven't been, uh, faithful to the other gURLs.
As in that America song:
"I've been one poor correspondent, and I've been too, too hard to find
But it doesnt mean you aint been on my mind."
They might resent me for it. Darn.
Hi, Remo!
Hello, Oda the Pepper Daughter!
I'm just older, you see? So it could take me a while to wrap my bunny ears around this new board environment.
But I like it!

4.29.07, 4:00 PM

4.29.07, 4:15 PM
Hiya Tilapin!
To edit your avatar, head up to the drop down menu at the top of the page called Quick Links. Choose Edit Profile. When it takes you to the new page, over on the left hand side in your Control Panel you will see Edit Avatar. Choose that and either choose one of our premade avatars or upload your own. :)

Let me know if you have any questions! I hope this was helpful.

4.29.07, 5:13 PM
A welcome for the Bunny:

4.29.07, 5:15 PM
Remo! What do you think? New boards good? Monkey-proof?

4.29.07, 11:22 PM
Im not a grrlfriends regular but just wanted to let you know that I love the pink in here. Nice touch.

*edit* woops! I meant gurlfriends! d'oh!

You're welcome here anytime. :)

BTW, the reply message font is nice and big in Firefox now.

I miss seeing all the gURLs. I think of Reese every time I drive into a car wash. LOL

5.1.07, 12:44 PM
I think of Reese every time I wear a sweater inside out or backwards. Which is more often than I'd care to admit.

5.7.07, 8:30 PM
Bruuuuce! Where's Rylo when you need her to act all disgusted?
Thanks, Annie. (Even though I'm not on that whole Seeger revival trip he's on. I'm into Seeger, yes, but man, write your own songs or get off the stage. E-nough!)
Almost summer in Montréal (which means: too darn cold for jgk). How about where you are, Purple Poster People?

5.7.07, 8:35 PM
Thanks so much, Oda dear.
Now my avatar will give me nightmares. I liked Remo's better ;^)

5.7.07, 11:22 PM
Aw, he's not so scary, just a sweet little bunny... ;)

5.7.07, 11:34 PM
Thanks so much, Oda dear.
Now my avatar will give me nightmares. I liked Remo's better ;^)

My pleasure! Glad you got it working...and OMG that bunny! We loooooove that bunny!

5.8.07, 12:15 AM
I confess... I added the bunny. For the Bunny. I thought that you had put up scary monkey/gorilla for Til so I swapped it for the rabbit with the weird parrot tongue. Who knew bunnies has such odd tongues? Not me.

5.8.07, 12:17 AM
But now I wonder, should we have suggested she (Til) take a look at the disapproving bunnies (http://www.birdchick.com/adventures/rabbit/index.html)?

5.8.07, 6:17 PM
But now I wonder, should we have suggested she (Til) take a look at the disapproving bunnies (http://www.birdchick.com/adventures/rabbit/index.html)?

Everyone should view the bunnies that disapprove. I mean honestly, what would life be like without them?

5.11.07, 6:30 PM
I love the disapproving bunnies, even though they would probably disapprove.

5.12.07, 7:06 PM
:eek:Ah, so there are instructions somewhere??? Perhaps they could help. And by the way rabbit, where have you been? Is life being good to you? You deserve happy, I hope it's there for you.

5.13.07, 3:28 PM
too cold eh? Not even! If you a summer like the a couple of summers ago, if I recall correctly, both of us were more than warm at that sidewalk cafe. Missing you bunny, but I think it's your turn to make a trip.

5.13.07, 3:38 PM
Okay, how does one get one's reply to be with the post one is trying to reply to??? I thought by just clicking on quick reply to that post it would do the trick. I was wrong. help?

5.13.07, 4:31 PM
Hmmm, have you tried viewing everything in threaded mode jgk?

6.20.07, 1:42 PM
Annie, Annie, Annie, I thought I lost you forever! (dramatic enough for you?).

I wish you a belated happy birthday (now we're the same age-ugh), but we look fabulous dahlink.

6.20.07, 4:51 PM
HooooRay! It's Sooz!
(speak for yourself about that looking fabulous thing :rolleyes: )

And so, how are you? Have you been to the movies lately? Seen anything good?

This is so swell, seeing you, bigfan!, tilapin... oops, where is Ryloooooooo? Remo and Melinda were by, in and out. Brooke? MIA. At least we know we will eat hearty with Sooz in the house. Tuna for all!

(thank you for popping in, Sooz, it does my heat good)

9.3.07, 11:58 AM
I am here but have no idea what my old name used to be but I remember some people who I have not spoke with in years (jmr, tilapin, sooz (who is my neighbour), courtney, rylo, reese, dharma, ncgurl (wendy), melinda and others) !!
It is Nicole. Have not been here forever and what a change! I popped into the pier as I knew there was a link to Dustins from there and since I hardly ever watch DOOL but thought I would check out the scoop from there, I saw this post to come here and voila, I am here.

9.5.07, 3:02 PM
Nicole! So good to see you! I was on Dustin's site yesterday, via the pier as well. I saw a commercial for Days and Stefano! was in it, being stabbed (but not really, I guess). Anyhow, I had to check Dustin's to see if the Phoenix was really back (he is). Now I will have to tune in. They've done this to me several times in the last year, tease me with something that sounds like the good old Days, I watch a couple of episodes, but I always end up bored and wondering who all the "kids" are. :upsideq:

9.9.07, 10:14 PM
Missing this place.


10.27.07, 12:05 AM
Maggie Here, better late than never they say. :) How are ya Rabbit? I need to read more than one board, I miss stuff. Hugs to you Bunny, great to see your name on the board again.