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8.27.10, 9:37 PM
:jesterbob:This week had some interesting story lines. Although I have to admit I watched Thursday’s show fast-forwarding in 15 minutes.
I am glad that David finally knows about Angie’s impending blindness. His initial reaction was not surprising but Greenlee’s intervention talk with him might actually make him an ally with Angie to find a way for her to be cured or remain on as a doctor in administrative role. I think he will probably not retaliate against Frankie and Jake as well. Greenlee’s opinion of him means a lot.
I am wrong to believe that Asher is Miguel Reyes? If so, that would make him Colby’s ½ brother and the ick factor of him with her. Damon is too sharp I thought to let this guy snow him so quickly and easily.
I was intrigued by the pairing of Liza and David. They must be the two most disliked people in PV but they are so perfectly matched for each other.
I know they are still aiming for a Greenlee/Ryan reunion but I liked that Ryan is not dumping Madison so quickly and that Madison is staying her ground with her relationship with him. It was also nice to see her relating to Greenlee as some one who as has been trapped in a bad marriage.
T was lovely to see Zach back for a short time and good to read from other sources that he will be back in awhile. Sources have stated that TPTB are not planning to break the Slater’s marriage up. We will see.
I am tired of JR thinking the whole world revolves around him. Caleb hired Marissa to get back at HIM! Scott slept with Annie to get back at HIM! I was happy that Annie finally made a intelligent decision to marry a man who may not be as exciting as another but who she can trust and depend on.