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10.2.07, 4:47 PM
Isn't that pretty much where DAYS is going?? On Justins Page, the poll had this as an option. It makes sense doesn't it? In the flash backs, Colleen is last seen at the cliffs, then she disappears, no body to be found. What I hadn't thought of was her maybe being pregnant. Killing herself is one thing but she wouldn't kill a baby if indeed she had one. I wonder if ( insert the hypothetical) if Colleen did infact have a baby/was ever pregnant, who is he/she? Have we been seeing this person or know this person and we never had a clue? Maybe "they" don't either!

How old would that make the child now?? If there is one of course...

10.4.07, 2:21 PM
IF so it's probably John

10.4.07, 11:39 PM
I thought about that, but we know John's mother is a Dimera. He and Tony have the same mother. Isn't Johns Father an Alamain? Vivians brother? Or is Johns mother really an Alamain and married a DiMera? Geez, I'll have to do some research about that.

Andre is Stephano's nephew right? So Stephano has a sibling(s) that I've never heard mentioned on the show. So is it Andres Mother or Father who is related to Stephano?

Vivian Rules
10.9.07, 11:38 AM
All that history means squat right now with Days, John would be my first choice also, except he would not be old emough to be Collenes son, Her son would be about 10 years younger than Pop Shawn.

But this is Days afterall, and anything is possible, Remember when John wanted to dig up Daphane's body and do DNa testing to make sure that was his mother, Tony and marlena both talked him out of that. I still believe this may be the big twist coming up! Her son would have to be on the show and someone we have known for years, but never guessed.

10.19.07, 1:39 PM
If I'm not mistaken Stefano actually has 6 siblings (at least he used to before they changed history). Stefano is the seventh son of the seventh son. I'm not sure but I think that is the reason they call him the Pheniox and he can always rise again.

10.20.07, 12:56 AM
Wow, I never heard of that. I don't remember Stephano having any siblings. Thanks for the info Gavin

10.20.07, 6:21 AM
Have any of y'all ever met a seventh son of a seventh son?

10.20.07, 11:25 PM
I haven't Migsly but I have a question for everyone/anyone. If Stephano has siblings, is it possible that Santo found out that Colleen was alive and pregnant, after she had the baby, took the baby from her and made his undead wife raise her/him along with Stephano and the rest of his sibs without Stephano knowing? Would be interesting to me.