View Full Version : A Heartful Journey Ch 7 (Ugly Encounters)

10.1.07, 10:32 PM
Paloma: Letís get out of here

Paloma and Simone start to head back to the book cafť.

Katherine: Paloma, wait. I was hoping we could talk.

Paloma: I have nothing to say to you, and I certainly donít want to hear anything you have to say.

Katherine: Itís about your mother.

Paloma: (to Simone) Iíll meet up with you later.

Simone: Are you sure?

Paloma: Yeah, I need to deal with this.

Simone reluctantly goes back to the Book Cafť

Paloma: So what do you want?


Julianís office

Julian talking to someone on his cell phone

Julian: If youíre smart you will not tell anyone we had this conversation is that understood. Good.

Katherine walks in and she tells him about her conversation with Paloma

Julian: mother you canít really blame her from reacting the way she did.

Katherine: I just wanted to make her see that this wasnít my entire fault

Julian: well you are wasting your time. If I were her age I would be blaming Martin Fitzgerald.

Katherine pours herself a glass of brandy and thinks about Martin and their situation