View Full Version : Does Anyone Think Franco Is Dead? (Speculations)

7.24.10, 9:04 AM
Well, I don't know what really happen on that roof? I only heard Franco saying to Jason, not to kill him because he knew where the baby was. Then the man who seemed to be Franco fell off the roof. The viewers only saw the person's back when he fell. Actually, the audience does not know if Franco was really on the roof with Jason? Did they have an eye to eye confrontation before Franco supposedly fell off the roof? Monday's episode will have to explain that.:read:

It is possible that Franco is not only an artist, but he could be some type of illusionist? It was dark, and it is known that Jason has eyesight problems after the car accident with A.J. Jason could have been fooled about what he saw? The audience knows that Franco had some time to plan everything out before Jason and Dante showed up at the art exhibit. If Franco was suicidal, he would have killed himself in front of Jason a long time ago. I am thinking that maybe this is a Franco scam on both Jason and Dante. Also, was there siren sounds that I heard when this Franco person fell?:eek:


7.29.10, 5:26 PM
Well, after today's episode, we know that Franco is alive. He brought a baby to his mother's house.