View Full Version : So what did you watch last night? (Sunday, 30th)

10.1.07, 1:25 PM
I love Sundays! We watched Curb Your Enthusiasm and Dexter. Two of my favorite shows and both were excellent. That was all Tivo had for us...well that and Brotherhood which we haven't tried yet. Anyone else watch that? Is it worth it?

So what did you watch last night? Any Sunday suggestions that I should add to my tivo schedule?

10.1.07, 2:13 PM
I was in a pout because we just binged on Dexter season 1 but couldn't see the new one... no Showtime. But cheered up with LD, still had last week's Curb on Tivo, so watched that and the new one (Michael's nightmare, lol). Desperate Housewives (http://www.coffeerooms.com/bb/forumdisplay.php?f=87) in between. I think it might be getting back to its first season goodness. At least last night was pretty good.

10.1.07, 2:22 PM
Oh that's good to hear! I haven't been watching desperate housewives at all lately, entirely missed last season. Maybe I'll have to add it back to the ol' tivo schedule!

1.24.08, 3:52 PM
Hey gals - did you hear that because of the writer's strike, CBS will now be airing season 1 of Dexter? I've been yapping on and on about it to my friends and now I'm definitely recruiting them to watch. It starts Feb 17th and its on Sundays at 10PM. I've seen the whole first season but its that good that I'm watching again...