View Full Version : Why don't TIIC just kill off Bo and Hope too?

10.1.07, 1:09 PM
Sorry to say it but other than battling a deranged Andre and sitting around reading sappy love letters from half a century ago, what else is there for Bo and Hope? They should just do it because, well, let's not kid ourselves, we all know they really want to and Peter and Kristian deserve BETTER than this boring cr#p anyway.

Is death the only way a SuperCouple can get their own storyline these days? Or adopting a sickly petri-baby and christening it with a weird name?

I am seriously at the end of my rope here and it's only the beginning of October.

10.2.07, 5:41 PM
I'll be the first to respond to this thread. NOOOOOOOOO!! I know what you mean about getting bored & seeing characters who haven't had front burner storylines. You do begin to wonder why are they even on the screen but as a long time soap fan..especially of this one for over 26 years, we have to bide our time and wait for other stories to finish out before we see the new ones. But kill off some of my favorite characters?? umm NOOOOOOOO!! As I said in another post, the story with Nick and the kids seems pretty interesting to me. I am bored with Stephanie as she is proving to be the dumbest chick on the DOOL screen. I would like to see where the Jett and Chelsea thing goes. I just want EJ to go away, kill him off if anybody..lol

10.9.07, 12:15 PM
Dool maybe going to kill John off the show,but he will be back after a breif exit,this is what I read about him on his website.