View Full Version : Sorry, But Maya & Claire Are Still Boring! (Opinion)

7.15.10, 5:21 AM
I was not moved by Maya talking about her dead boyfriend. The writers are just trying to make her likable. She is still a complete bore! GH is again forced pairing a couple in the form of Maya and Ethan; I don't see any sparks or chemistry between the two! I thought GH has learned from the past failing of forced pairing, with falling ratings, not to do it again! But, I was wrong!

Moreover, how many women on GH have dark eyes and dark hair and look like Brenda? Yeah, Robin was on the show before Brenda, but enough is enough: GH has Sam, Claire, and rumors say that the show may bring back Hannah, another Brenda look alike. I thought GH was going to cut Claire from the show with the end of Sonny's trial, but GH is given her more airtime. Why? I don't like her and Sonny together; it is a stupid storyline. She is NOT going to send Sonny to prison. Sonny trying to seduce another female in law enforcement is stupid too! Been there and saw those same stories with Sonny! Pushing these stories are a waste of airtime!!!