View Full Version : It looks like SSDD on Passions Spoilers

9.30.07, 5:47 PM
Ok by now we all know that Luis and Sher ho does the nasty, Fancy sees them and Tabby is doing her best to satisfy the dark side to get Endora back. Then Kay being a Lancy fan erases their memories. After that Luis and Fancy make love and so that is a good thing. Then we now know that Marty thinks of Beth as his mother, so that is going to throw Sheridan into another tailspin.
Why is it taking so long for Theresa to spit out the truth about lil Ethan. Not that big Ethan would get it, because he has the IQ of a fork. Of course Alistar has killed Chad in cold blood, HELLO should he not be behind bars? But typical Passions he is running amock in Harmony.

I am thinking that the water cooler at the Passions writing team office is laced with LSD, Meth, Cocaine, Valium and maybe Viagra. Because they are bouncing from one tainted storyline to another and really do not have any other option but to take this show and flush it down the toilet.:confused::confused::confused::confused::co nfused::confused::confused::confused:

10.1.07, 9:20 PM
They are writing the show into holes that can only be climbed out of by rewrites.

10.10.07, 4:02 PM
Well the only award they should get is for re-writes. This show is like an old record player, it keeps getting stuck on the same stuff. I would just be happy if one day wasn't three months long. Read you pm.